WASA Lahore in its report submitted in the Supreme Court (SC) said Nestle had refused to provide data and claimed that the apex court’s order was not for their company.


Water and Sanitation Agency  revealed in its report that the Nestle had refused to provide data of water use and flow meters.


According to the report, notices had been served to the industrial and commercial consumers in Lahore to install model push button water tabs and pipes and action were being taken to stop the wastage of water at public places including service stations and mosques.

Nestle Pakistan Refuses To Provide Data Of Water Usage-Water and Sanitation Agency Reports To Supreme Court


It was also informed that a blow drop project was being introduced for a population of 50,000 and from the cost of Rs200 million, new pipelines and modern system will be installed.


The report said installation of 700,000 water meters were required in Lahore. It was informed that there was no system to conserve the rain water at many locations including Qaddafi Stadium and Laxmi Chowk and to conserve rain water – a project of Rs122 million – would be initiated at the Qaddafi Stadium Lahore.