15 Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix You Can’t Miss

    These are 115 Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix You Can’t-Miss that are totally worth watching. Each one takes us through dystopian and amazing apocalyptic worlds. So, stay tuned because these recommendations will catch you.

    Warriors of Future

    We start with “The Future War.” In an apocalyptic future, the world is on the verge of collapse due to famine, disease, and lethal pollution. To make matters worse, a meteorite carrying an alien plant called Pandora, which purifies the environment, devastates everything in its path. The only hope lies in a squad with a suicide mission to save the Earth from an imminent end.

    Ad Astra

    If you are looking for unbridled action from start to finish, believe me, “Atastra” is for you. After embarking on a risky space mission, a man searches for answers about what happened to his father. Along the way, he faces an unknown threat that puts human survival in our solar system at risk. Discovering difficult truths becomes inevitable.


    Now, let’s talk about “Extinction.” When the world is invaded by beings from space, humanity is left on the brink of extinction. A father will do everything possible to save his family, even if it means giving his own life. Will he succeed?


    And here’s a bonus: “Snowpiercer.” Although it’s not a movie, this series will completely captivate you. In a world that has become completely icy, survivors must fight to stay alive on a gigantic train that moves around the world. The train has a radical division of social classes, and the series explores the struggles they face over the decades.


    Moving on to “Invasion of the World: Battle in Los Angeles.” When Earth is invaded by alien beings, Los Angeles becomes the last city to be invaded. Join a group of soldiers on a long journey to rescue as many civilians as possible. They might just be humanity’s last hope.

    The Adam Project

    When a time traveller from the future embarks on a search for someone lost in space and time, they become stuck in the year 2022. It’s a time travel movie you should see.


    Next up is “Psychokinesis.” On an unexpected day, the least expected person acquires unmatched powers, being able to control things with their mind. They seek to help their daughter and those in need, but things don’t go as planned. Fun and excitement await you.

    The Platform

    in a dystopian future, inmates of a prison are doomed to live in a hole with hundreds of levels. Food goes down, but not everyone gets their fair share. Survival becomes a constant fight as hunger unleashes madness.

    In a post-apocalyptic future, hunger becomes an inevitable reality. In the 22nd century, humans create space shelters, but they won’t last forever. War becomes unavoidable, and the best weapon might just be a dangerous mind-cloning experiment that creates unique androids. But nothing goes according to plan.

    The Adjustment Bureau

    When an unexpected meeting leads to love, a man finds himself drawn to a dancer. However, supernatural forces and agents of destiny conspire to keep them apart. They have no freedom to choose. Will they overcome these obstacles?

    Code 8

    In a world where people with superhuman abilities live on the outskirts of society, one of them fights to keep his sick mother alive. He takes his powers to another level, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.


    When a deadly zombie virus spreads rapidly, a young boy finds himself isolated in his apartment with no means of escape. As the relentless, bloodthirsty undead surround and torment him, the movie ramps up with intense action and thrilling sequences. It’s a movie that you simply cannot afford to miss.


    When a meteorite crashes into Earth, strange phenomena begin to occur within the affected areas. The boundaries of reality are pushed as a team ventures deep into the mutation, encountering surreal and complex challenges along the way. Prepare to be captivated by this mind-bending movie.


    Set in the year 2154, humanity is divided into distinct social classes. The wealthy reside in space while the less fortunate suffer in an overcrowded and ailing world. However, one man might hold the key to changing everything. Brace yourself for an epic conclusion.

    What do you think of these movies? Let us know in the comments. enjoy your viewing experience!