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6G will become the communication fabric for all intelligent services

While 5G is said to focus on connecting people and things, the next-generation of wireless communications technology -6G – will become the communication fabric for all intelligent services, allowing people to connect and collaborate with robots, smart devices, and any intelligent agents in perfect harmony, according to Oppo.

In a post on Wednesday, the Chinese smartphone company said that while 5G still being rolled out, research and investigation into B5G (Beyond 5G) and 6G technologies is already well underway.

Beyond 5G or B5G is the second phase of 5G featuring the integration of 5G and   Artificial Intelligence(AI) technologies .Oppo says that it is vital for the industry to first move into the B5G generation to bring the 6G  technology, seen in Iron Man, to life. The network of intelligence will result in more powerful connectivity and lower latency, whilst reducing power consumption.

“After 5G , AI and telecommunication technology will continue to co-evolve in a synergistic way, bringing together genuine connections and interactions among humans, intelligence, and device,” said Henry Tang, Vice President of Oppo Research Institute.

According to Oppo, 6G has so much more to offer than just a “next-generation” network. It is expected to create a ubiquitous network covering land, sea, air and even space and bring the brain-computer interface into reality.

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