Affordable Quality Primary Health Care Now Accessible To 1 Million Deserving Patients Through SINA Trust

Affordable Quality Primary Health Care Now Accessible To 1 Million Deserving Patients Through SINA Trust

SINA Health, Education and Welfare Trust is providing affordable and accessible quality primary healthcare to the poorest of communities in Karachi since 1998. Having treated 850,000 patients last year, the trust recently shared its vision of treating 1 million patients by FY 2019-20 whereby initiating a fundraising campaign to secure donations to achieve this milestone


. Through this campaign the trust would like to reassure the underprivileged and deserving communities that SINA is working in their interest to provide them with access to high quality level of primary healthcare that they do not receive in these urban slums.


SINA has been providing services to the deserving patients present deep within the urban slum communities through a network of 30 clinics, of which 3 are currently under construction. The quality of services provided are of international level, where a protocol based system is used to diagnose and treat a patient.


This system makes sure that the patient is treated as accurately as possible, with the correct history present from past records, current vitals taken, along with additional diagnostic tests performed at the clinic. All these services are provided under one roof and gives complete care to the patients, who do not have to go to different places for doctors, tests and medicines.


To validate that the services provided to the patients are of best quality, monthly audits are conducted of the doctors and nursing staff as well as the medicines and systems used for healthcare provision.


Dr. Asif Imam (Chairman and Founder, SINA Health, Education & Welfare Trust) said: “Every day thousands of people migrate to Karachi in hopes of a better future for their families, we at SINA believe that they will be able to better provide for their family if their health is in the best condition.


Providing primary healthcare means that we are treating the diseases right at the point where they originate, which is deep within the urban slum communities. The vision of treating 1 million patients is still not enough as the need is much much more. In the Holy month of Ramadan, we hope that the spirit of charity will help fill the gap in funding needed to treat as many deserving patients as possible and will be the reason for blessings for all”