BankIslami Transforms its networking infrastructure with Huawei

BankIslami Transforms its networking infrastructure with Huawei

In its efforts to facilitate greater digital enablement in Pakistan, BankIslami, the country’s premier Islamic finance institution, has made a sizeable investment to upgrade its branch level connectivity infrastructure. After thorough technical evaluations and proof of concepts, the Bank has migrated its entire Wide Area Network (WAN)to Huawei, including branch Routers and Switches across all physical locations in Pakistan, moving away from Cisco infrastructure. The Bankaims to build a robust system for customer facilitation and routine operation of business.

BankIslami has quickly become one of the leading and most technologically advanced financial institutions providing verified, Shariah compliant products and services to its customers. This transformation of the networking infrastructure through an affiliation with Huawei is a crucial step for the Bank, and it is vital that the branches cope up with the rapidly changing customer behaviors and requirements. Huawei’s networks are extensively used within the telecommunications industry. They have cemented a reliable reputation for themselves over the years and this consistent delivery of quality is what caught BankIslami’s attention.

Commenting on the development, Syed Amir Ali, President and CEO, BankIslami stated; “In the last few years, the importance of digitization has become evident on us all. At Bank Islami, we are constantly in search for new horizons for bringing ease and convenience to customers through the power of digital channels. In our network transformation efforts, this affiliation with Huawei held utmost significance because their robust hardware and expertise will enable us to strengthen our services further.”

Mr. Gao, the Management Director of Enterprise Business Group mentioned, “Huawei has more than 23 years of experience, working in Pakistan. We have proudly been standing alongside our esteemed customers in the various digital transformation steps taken during this period. In this era of digitization, we believe that the banking sector has got an opportunity to get closer to their customers and provide them high quality of services. Bank Islami have this vision to provide high-quality services to its customer and hence we are delighted that they have chosen us as their digital transformation partner.”

BankIslami has made significant investments in improving its overall infrastructure to become more efficient and compatible for launching new digital solutions.