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Best AI Tools For Productivity

5 Artificial Intelligence Tools That Will Make You Super Productive 

In today’s world, artificial intelligence is increasingly present and can be used to improve our productivity as an entrepreneur or for our jobs.

These are 5 artificial intelligence tools that can help you to be super productive in your daily tasks.

From virtual assistants to task management, Video Editors to content creators these tools are designed to help you maximize your time and do more in less time. If you are interested in optimizing your daily work and improving your efficiency Read this article to the end to learn about the best artificial intelligence tools.


if you have a marketing agency or if you have a team who works for you or if you need to manage your tasks, I highly recommend the notion.

 when I started using it in an agency where I worked it did not have artificial intelligence integrated but now it has an advance AI intenerated, and you can use it just like Chatgpt but it’s a more advanced version of ChatGPT when it comes to follow commands.

You can ask questions, you can ask to add, assign or remove tasks, and you can even tell it to manage your team and look after the work they are doing to make sure your team is performing its duty honestly and on time.

 You can use the voice feature to write or ask it to perform certain actions by voice Commands.

With This AI there are many productivity tools that can help you do more in less time.

There are many integrations in Notion like Trello to organize tasks and projects, Rescue Time to monitor and reduce distractions and Evernote to take notes and keep information organized.


if you are making ads for social networks and it is difficult for you to come up with an attractive or clickable ad, stop wasting your time. you don’t have to waste or spend a lot of time making creative ads anymore. This tool can help you create very engaging ads in just few clicks and you can even control your advertisement campaign from here. If this tool is expensive for you, you can use Canva to make your ads.


the third tool is called a runway. the runway is an artificial intelligence video editor. it’s super good, it has a lot of options, for example, here you can remove the background from a video, you can change the images, you can do a lot of things. if you put a video in its editor, you will see all the editing options you have here, you can make a video using text and images.

One thing that also seems very interesting to me is this option that blurs the background of any video, it is very useful because many times you have to have cameras or very expensive cameras to make that bokeh effect of blurring the background. The tracking option is also very good. it helps you to track movement, if we want to put a little sign or a word to any person who was moving on a skateboard, it will follow it.


Artificial intelligence for image generation is becoming more and more sophisticated and powerful and there are also new companies that compete to lead this new market. Ai image generation is something that is not only changing the way of producing and consuming art, design and illustration, and even video, but it is also going changing the way of understanding our reality.

 let’s see what an artificial intelligence like MidJourney is capable of, it is the most advanced ai tool in generating artistic images.

The first thing we have to do is go to the midjourney.com page, then we will press the Beta join button. This ai tool works with Discord, we could enter directly into our account if we have and if not, we can create one in seconds.

To start generating our own images, We will hit one of the newbie channels here for newcomers. Here you can see all the generated images for other users but how do we generate our own images? You will have to type /imagine in the chat box and then give a prompt for the image you want to be generated. This tool is really helpful to generate product images. Prototypes and even logos. You can even ask it to generate a full homepage or a landing page of a website you are working and you can use the reference image as an inspiration. This tool will save you 100 Hours if you are a graphic designer, web designer or photographer or you can simply use it to generate your images for your blog posts, product images or logos for your new brand’s branding.

 what impresses me the most is the quality of images that can be made to make your YouTube thumbnails. It saves me 100s of hours.


 It is an automation platform. With the help of Zapier, you can connect different applications to each other that even have nothing to do with each other. Like, if someone sends you a message or fills out a form on your Facebook page it can be directly added to your MailChimp contact list. You can make an instance to upload or share your videos on different platforms when you upload them on YouTube. If you use Gmail a lot, you can connect Gmail with Google Drive and save email files.

if you use the Stripe payment gateway when it generates a payment, Zapier can send an email with the welcome message and then that email can go to Google Sheets to make a list of contacts. With the help of this automation tool, you can make anything you can possibly imagine to be on automation and save yourself 1000s of hours. it has more than 5000 applications that can be integrated. one of the most common is Trello.

These are the 5 AI Tools which will save you a lot of time and energy if you use them on a daily basis.

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