Brazilian state fines Apple $2 million for leaving out phone charger from iPhone 12 box

Brazilian state fines Apple $2 million for leaving out phone charger from iPhone 12 box

Apple’s decision to not include a charger in the  iPhone 12 was seen as a bold step in some quarters, and the move even drew the attention of  Other manufacturers to tinker with the traditional accessories known to come with phones from headsets to chargers.

But a recent decision by the Consumer Protection Agency of the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo to fine Apple for leaving out the phone charger from the iPhone 12 box may have brought the issue to the front burner again, at least in Brazil for now.

It is reported that the consumer watchdog in the state of Sao Paulo had fined Apple the equivalent of about $2 million for omitting the phone charger from the iPhone 12 series. The state consumer regulator says Apple’s action was a violation of Brazil’s Consumer Defense Code. It is also probable that there have been complaints and petitions by aggrieved buyers since the iPhones began selling in the country.

Apple was first notified of the alleged violations in December 2020 and Apple had responded to that by stating the decision was based on ensuring a better environment with a reduced carbon footprint. It is also known that there were also accusations that the company gave incorrect information on the water-resistance capabilities of the device that has led to losses for consumers whose smartphones got immersed in water and did not get a replacement or repairs of their devices within the warranty period by Apple.

At this time Apple hasn’t made any official response about the fine but the U.S tech giant has the option of launching an appeal if it is not comfortable with the decision. If Apple is unable to overturn the fine, it could have global ramifications for the company as well as a few other manufacturers who had joined Apple in omitting accessories from their packages on environmental or other considerations. However, it is known that some manufacturers have cut a deal with the regulator, thus avoiding the fine