CDA Anti-Encroachment Drive in F-7 Markaz Expose Multinational Organizations

In recent viral video in which CDA turn F-7 Markaz into war zone by demolishing encroachments build up by National and Multinational Organization in the name of security barriers that have brought congestion in the area. During rush hours it is nearly impossible to pass through these areas despite having wide roads and no signals.


The local were facing serious issues in regards to mushroom growth of these unnecessary barriers being placed in front of Standard Chartered bank, Huawei Service Center, Ufone customer Center, Ubank Head office and many well-known organizations operational in this Markaz. CDA operation was across the board to eliminate these hurdles that have created difficulties for visitor’s mobility in the area.


It is painful to see such sensible organizations, operating to serve communities, are acting immaturely by placing barriers for security purpose despite deploying fleet of security guards. If Anti-encroachment law to be invoke than these Organization must be heavily fined for covering more than allocated land for their personal purposes.


But unfortunately, in Pakistan, Big organization easily get away with this and only small Business Community fall trap to this law with loss of property and bearing heavy fines from authority. To curb this practice, CDA must issue legal notices to all those corporate organizations allowing encroachment in front of their premises either operating in residential and commercial areas of Islamabad. With growing traffic problem of Islamabad, It is mandatory for CDA to aggressively carryout periodic Anti-Encroachment drive in all sectors of Islamabad both in commercial and residential areas without any discrimination.