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Chairman of Prime Minister’s Youth Programme and HEC Chairman Collaborate to Boost Youth Development Initiatives

Chairman Prime Minister’s Youth Programme, Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan, recently convened a  meeting with Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC), Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, to discuss strategies aimed at fostering positive engagement and development opportunities for the youth of Pakistan.

During the meeting, both Chairman Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan and Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in enhancing the skills, education, and overall empowerment of the youth demographic across the country.


They deliberated on various initiatives and programs that could be implemented to effectively engage and empower young people,namely Prime Minister’s National Innovation Award, Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme, National Volunteer corps and several others..


“Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, and it is imperative that we provide them with the necessary tools and opportunities to thrive,” stated Chairman Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan. “Through concerted efforts and partnerships with institutions like the HEC, we aim to create a conducive environment where every young Pakistani can realize their full potential.”

Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed echoed these sentiments, highlighting the HEC’s commitment to supporting initiatives that promote education, skill development, and entrepreneurship among the youth. “Joint Efforts of  Prime Minister’s Youth Programme and the HEC will enable us to leverage resources and expertise effectively, thereby maximizing our impact on youth development,” he affirmed.

The meeting concluded with a commitment to further discussions and concrete actions to implement the identified strategies. Both Chairman Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan and Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed expressed optimism about the future of youth development in Pakistan and reiterated their dedication to working together towards this common goal.

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