China Mobile, ZTE complete 2.6-GHz 5G NR trial

China Mobile, ZTE complete 2.6-GHz 5G NR trial

ZTE and the Guangdong branch of China Mobile have completed a field trial of 2.6-GHz 5G new radio equipment during a test in Guangzhou.


The field trial involved the use of ZTE’s full series of end-to-end 5G solutions, including base stations, core networks and end-user devices.


During the trial, the companies achieved a single user downlink peak rate of 1.8Gbps and a transmission distance of up to 3km using 100MHz of bandwidth on the 2.6-GHz 5G candidate band.


ZTE and China Mobile initiated the Guangdong 5G field trial in 2017 as part of the operator’s preparations for 5G. The operators also successfully completed the first 2.6-GHz new radio interoperability and development testing (IODT) trial in December.


The two companies meanwhile jointly developed Pre5G Massive MIMO technology at the China Mobile 5G Joint Innovation Center as part of a collaboration which commenced in 2016.