Enabling a Digital Future Through Innovative Workplace Culture

Enabling a Digital Future Through Innovative Workplace Culture

Telenor Pakistan is one of the most innovative units of Telenor Group and working for the organization comes with the promise of a steep personal and professional growth curve. The fact that some of the digital solutions developed by Telenor Pakistan have been replicated not only in other markets where Telenor operates, but also on an industry level, speaks volumes of the culture of innovation that Telenor Pakistan has in place and fosters.


Enabling a Digital Future Through Innovative Workplace Culture


A conducive working environment that’s a powerful mix of enabling infrastructure and a continuously evolving HR culture is what helps Telenor employees to outperform their industry peers and create products and services that truly matter for society.


Telenor Pakistan’s award-winning infrastructure makes the magic happen by helping in creation of life-changing digital solutions. The workspace, designed keeping innovation at the heart of it, has no dearth of facilities that match employees’ particular working needs when executing projects; be it a brainstorming session, a group project, or some solo work that requires quiet time, the campus offers a specially designed space for all.


Enabling a Digital Future Through Innovative Workplace Culture


The building even offers a ‘Startup Garage’,– people gather here to share ideas, discuss possibilities, and collaborate to get closer to achieving their growth goals. Another interesting feature of the campus is its activity based seating where employees can sit anywhere they want as per their work needs. Other on-site facilities, such as daycare center, fitness center, and cafes etc. ensure that any undue stress is taken off the employees’ plate. The Campus has also received the prestigious Leesman+ Certification of being one of the most effective work environments for employees globally.


Naturally, innovation at the workplace paves the way for the birth of ground breaking digital solutions like Easypaisa, Digital Birth Registration, IoT products, and some latest developments on the AI and Cloud fronts. It was thanks to the innovative mindset of Telenor Pakistan employees that Pakistan’s key industries – financial services, agriculture, retail and wholesale trade, transport and education – saw transformative digital interventions that continue to be replicated by the industry peers.


A mobile in a hand presented a great opportunity to resolve longstanding social challenges in Pakistan and Telenor, with its passion for people and culture of innovation, showed the world how a simple mobile technology can be leveraged for a lasting social impact.


Enabling innovation by supporting collaboration, ideas exchange and learning between different occupations, skills, industries and sectors also makes Telenor Pakistan employees highly productive not only on an industry level, but also within the telecom sector. At USD 387,000, the labor productivity (or economic value added per worker)was also about 700% higher for Telenor Pakistan employees in 2016/17 than the USD 56,000 average of Pakistan’s telecom sector.


Summary of telecommunications intensity for key sectors


Exposure to opportunities in a creativity-infused environment is how Telenor Pakistan employees are making their mark in the tech arena. Working in a competitively inventive culture, Telenor employees are able to spread the benefits of technology on a national level with creative solutions like the industry’s first API platform which would help developers co-create new digital solutions and improve the existing ones. The deployment of the country’s first 5G-ready cloud-based RAN platform and controllers – which would optimize the end customer experience, improve total cost of ownership, and quickly respond to emerging opportunities–also shows the level of innovation within the organization.


A number of internal and external programs surrounding creativity are bringing Telenor’s hidden tech talent to the fore. ‘Activate’, for instance, is a month-long boot camp for Telenor employees to learn the innovative mindset and instill design thinking in them. Moreover, external programs like Velocity with its recent thematic cohorts, and Telenor Youth Forum demonstrate the powerful extension of the disruptive thinking that Telenor encourages and nurtures.