Exclusive-Rise of Digital & Social Media Marketing

Exclusive-Rise of Digital & Social Media Marketing

Social media is the current obsession for us youth. We love to share stories on Snapchat and follow celebrities on Instagram. With more and more youth on social media, due to increase in penetration of mobile and 4G, social media has become the place to be on for entertainment, conversation, news, information sharing or gathering etc. That is the latest trend. Everyone wants to be a part of the phenomenon even brands, businesses, politicians, celebrities etc. It has become imperative for the success of these entities to be where the people are and interact with them accordingly.



The popularity of social media among users has given rise to a new arena in the corporate and professional field i.e. Digital & Social Media Marketing. There is a growing need for people to come and manage digital presence of brands, celebrities, social causes etc. And with the rapid evolution in technology, it has become imperative to have specialized technical knowledge and skills required to successfully run a digital media campaign.



In other words, a course in your regular undergraduate degree does not cater to this need. If that is the case, how do we attain those required skills? Not all of us have the money to get diplomas from prestigious universities abroad.


Amidst my search for viable options to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing, I came across a website called DigiSkills.pk. This is a Government of Pakistan certified portal for free training in digital skills. Due to limited options available I decided to give it a shot. And to my surprise the course turned out to be exceptionally good.



Firstly, the course was designed and taught by an MIT certified Digital & Social Media Marketing Specialist. Yes, I did not need to spend dollars to get the education level of a prestigious university. This was absolutely free, and I could watch the lectures anytime at my convenience. Secondly, the course was quite extensive. Starting from the fundamentals to actual campaign execution. Detailed enough to address the complex issues of social media, yet easy enough to understand the jargons and application. It was a perfect blend of technology, theory and practice.Thirdly, the assignments and quizzes, are crafted in a way that gives you practical hands on experience of running a digital media campaign.


In short, the course is not just random dissemination of bookish knowledge, but is actually imparting specialized skills required in the job marketplace. I would recommend everyone who is interested to professionally learn more about digital marketing to sign up at www.digiskills.pk, for courses starting from 1st April 2019.