FBR Introduced New Regulation For Mobile Registration

FBR Collaboration With  NADRA, Has Introduced an Online Portals For The Inquiry Of Assets

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has introduced a new way to regulate non-registered mobile phones. For this purpose, the Customs General Order No. 1 issued by the Board of Revenue on 18 January 2019 has issued Customs General Order No. 10. In this General Order, it has been said that applicants will be bound to provide all the information and data vbox under automated system to regulate their registered mobile phone.


It will be processed by the data and information provided and associated with the automated system and this automated system will be cleared on the payment of mobile phone devices, duty and taxes according to the tax system and non-registered mobile devices.


To regulate this, duty generated and paid system will be initiated by slip-i-pay system and the slip ID of this payment will be electronical. However, the FBR has facilitated different ways to make these tax payment and duties to ease applicants.


The applicant will have the option to pay duty and taxes through online banking system or use mobile banking, can pay via ATM or through bank branches. This can also be done, When the system will confirmed the payment and recovery of duty and taxes for the relevant mobile phone and device, then the self-related mobile device will be included in the DBS listings.


And mobile device will be regulated. In the same manner, passengers coming from abroad will also be bound to register their mobile phone within six days.