Get Unique Designs of Unstitched Clothing at

Get Unique Designs of Unstitched Clothing at

Rafia comes with some of the most spectacular and remarkable unstitched clothing designs. You will find whatever Pakistani designer dresses or color styles you are looking for. They have a huge variety of designs to appeal to anyone who wants to be one of their customers. Their designers have displayed their enormous talent by creating such lovely and lovely textiles that everyone can wear by stitching them to their liking. The purpose of launching Unstitched Pakistani designer Clothes on Rafia is to allow girls to create whatever they want, and this will be more convenient for those who prefer to stitch their clothes and for those who want to wear brands but cannot afford them because of the prices in our unstitched clothing line are very reasonable. Their unstitched Pakistani designer clothes are exquisite and our luxury pret is one of our most selling collections.

Their new line of unstitched clothes is specifically for those who enjoy designing their clothes to fit their style, those who enjoy stitching, and those who wish to buy high-quality clothes on a budget. This line has three categories:

Digital Print for 1 piece.

For all the girls who are unsure about what to wear daily. Rafia has introduced its unstitched piece textiles, which are ideal for colleges, universities, and even jobs.

Digital Print for 2 pieces.

It is for individuals who want something casual yet formal, suitable for gatherings, outings, and work.

Digital Print Three-Piece set

This set is more formal and suitable for events, gatherings, and special occasions.

There are some designs that their store is continuously selling and they have become their Bestselling designs and here is the best of them:

DC3-60 B

It is an Unstitched Digital Print 3 Piece. The fabric used is Lawn. It has Digital Printing (3m), Dyed Cotton Trousers (2.50m), and Silk organza dupatta with digital print (2.5m). Rafia has launched some stunning designs that are perfect for any woman. By simply carrying it as is, it makes you feel competitive. This classic Unstitched Digital Print 3 Piece looks great both casually and officially. It is suitable for any type of event, fashion, or occasion.


This is an Unstitched Digital Print 1 Piece. The fabric used is Lawn. These were created with the idea that most girls prefer to wear trendy tops with plain slacks, jeans, and capris and accessories with a simple dupatta, Stoller, or scarf, and they look fantastic in this trend. Keeping all of this in mind, they came up with a design that works with anything. Their Unstitched Digital Print 1 Piece design is the most popular among their customers.


It is an unstitched 2-piece set. Chiffon dupatta with a lawn digital printed shirt. These designs are for ideally those who prefer to keep things basic but complete. It is appropriate for practically any occasion, event, or gathering. Their Unstitched Digital Print 2 Piece is suitable for women of all ages and tastes.

Everyone wants to purchase unique items that make them stand out from the crowd, but being unique all the time is difficult, especially when it comes to apparel. Rafia is the place to go if you want something fresh with each collection that is both original and modest. There are more designs available on their website.