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Get Verified on Facebook and Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide

Facebook Paid Verification Process

What Is Facebook Verification? Facebook verification refers to the process of verifying who claims they are on Facebook. This can be accomplished in various ways, including providing official documents like an ID or business license for verification. Facebook may also send out confirmation codes via phone numbers or emails which allow account holders to validate themselves as individuals or businesses on social networks like Facebook.

Verification can be beneficial to both businesses and individuals. Verified accounts help build trust with potential customers who know that they’re dealing with an authentic account, while verified accounts help individuals protect against identity theft or fraud.

Facebook provides various methods of verification:

1. blue badge verification,

2. Gray badge verification.

3. no badge verification.

Facebook offers three levels of verification – Blue Badge is their highest level, reserved for public figures and brands who have become well-known within their fields. In order to qualify for it, an account must have an authenticated phone number, email address, profile picture and cover photo – each must also be verified before receiving blue badge verification.

Grey badge verification is Facebook’s second level of account authentication and available to businesses and organizations. To become eligible, an account must include both phone number and email verification as well as having both profile photo and cover photo verified.

No badge verification is the third and final level of Facebook verification available to all users, regardless of whether they’re public figures, businesses or organizations. To qualify for no badge verification an account must have a verified phone number and email address.

2. What Are the Advantages of Becoming Verified on Facebook?

With more than two billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook is unarguably one of the largest social media platforms available – making it an invaluable way for businesses and public figures alike to reach out to their target audiences through this medium.

One way to ensure that your business or public figure stands out on Facebook is to become verified. Verification verifies the authenticity of your account and verifies that you are who you claim to be.

Unifying with Facebook offers several advantages, including:

  • Increased Visibility

Once verified on Facebook, your account receives a blue badge that informs visitors that it’s a legitimate business or public figure. This increases visibility on the platform as users tend to trust and follow verified accounts more readily than others.

  • Increased Reach

Being verified on Facebook offers multiple advantages, one being receiving priority in Facebook’s news feed algorithm – meaning your posts are more likely to reach their intended audiences, further expanding your reach on this platform.

  • Increased Credibility

As noted before, being verified on Facebook adds an air of authenticity that can enhance your credibility as a business or public figure – users will know they can trust what they read on your account.

  •  Prioritized Customer Support

When it comes time for customer support on Facebook, being verified gives you priority over other users and ensures a swifter response time from them if there are issues with your account.

There are numerous advantages of becoming verified on Facebook for businesses or public figures looking to increase visibility and reach on the platform. Verification offers great potential.

How Can You Become Verified on Facebook?

Facebook offers a paid verification service for users to verify their identity and authenticity on the platform, making this option particularly helpful for businesses and public figures looking to establish themselves on it. This service can also be utilized by anyone without a Facebook account who are looking to establish themselves within it.

To get started, visit the Facebook verification page and select an option that best describes your situation. After selecting one, you will then be required to provide some basic personal data, including your name, country and photo ID number. After providing all this data, Facebook will review and process your request within days before providing feedback or responding back.

If your request is approved, a one-time fee of $149 will be assessed to activate your verified status – it should become visible on your profile within several days.

If you are a business or public figure, we highly suggest becoming verified on Facebook. Doing so will allow your audience to trust in you while making it easier for people to discover you on the platform.

What Is Instagram Verification?

As everyone knows, Facebook is one of the largest and fastest-growing social networks with over 2 billion active users worldwide; Instagram boasts nearly 800 million monthly active users compared to just 400 million on Facebook. To stay ahead in their competition and be truly effective platforms for business development and promotion.

Studies indicate that Instagram is now the second-most-popular social media platform among adolescents after Snapchat.

What exactly is Instagram verification?

Instagram verification is a process by which Instagram verifies an account is the official account of an individual, celebrity, or brand.

An Instagram account verified with Instagram can be identified by its blue badge next to its username.

How can I become verified on Instagram?

There is no single method or criteria for becoming verified on Instagram; however, they have indicated they will verify accounts that are of public interest as well as authentic, unique and noteworthy accounts.

Instagram takes into account various criteria when verifying an account, including:

  • Your account must be active and have an engaged following.
  • Your account must be unique. No other accounts should exist that resemble it.
  • Your account must contain an accurate picture, bio and contact details for you to succeed.
  • Your Instagram account must be in good standing, without a history of violating Instagram’s community guidelines.

If your account meets all the above criteria and is being managed accordingly, you can submit a request through the Instagram app for verification.

To do this, head to your profile settings and tap on “Request Verification.” You will then need to provide both your full name and a photo of a government-issued ID document.

Instagram will review your request and reply within several weeks.

What are the advantages of having a verified Instagram account?

One of the benefits of having a verified Instagram account is:

  • An account with verification credentials is less likely to be compromised by impostor accounts.
  • An authentic account can help your organization build credibility among your target audience.
  • Verifying your account can help set it apart from others in your field.
  • Verified accounts provide access to special features not available on unverified ones, such as running advertisements and sponsored posts.

An authorized account allows for additional benefits.

What are the advantages of becoming verified on Instagram?

Depending on your area of influence or public standing, Instagram verification could open doors to new opportunities for growth and visibility on Instagram. Once verified, this may open doors for brand marketing campaigns as well.

Requests for verification.

If you qualify, your eligibility will be checked automatically.

If you believe you qualify for verification but have yet to be considered for it, submit a request.

Benefits of becoming verified on Instagram:

  1. Increased Visibility: Instagram has made it easy to verify who you are with its blue tick feature. When people see the blue tick they know who it belongs to – increasing visibility is just another advantage.

Your brand’s blue tick can help increase their trust in you and your content, leading them to follow you more often and increasing their reach. This could result in additional followers.

2. Access to Instagram Features: Verified users have access to special features not available to non-verified users on Instagram, such as direct messages. For instance, these may include accessing all Instagram stories in one go rather than having them show up as private feed posts in one scrolling post feed view or receiving notifications about new followers/unfollowers of certain photos on their feeds (for instance).

Verified users can add links to their Stories, providing another effective means of driving traffic back to your website or blog.

3. Build Credibility: Becoming verified gives people an air of authority and credibility, showing that their opinion matters to you. When people see that your authenticity has been verified, their perception changes instantly and they view you as more credible.

Verification increases their trust in you and the advice that you offer them.

4. Makes You Stand Out from the Crowd: With more than one billion monthly active users online, it can be challenging to stand out in an already crowded environment. To help make sure that you do stand out, the 4 components below provide tips for you to stand out in a crowd of 1 billion monthly active users.

Instagram may seem like an unassuming platform, but being verified can set you apart and help get noticed by new audiences.

5. Gives You an Edge: Being verified can give your business an advantage in an increasingly competitive industry. It gives them something extra over other firms who might otherwise go unnoticed by customers and suppliers alike.

People are more likely to engage with your content when they see that you have been verified as credible by seeing that people who visit are following or engaging with it as more likely.

How Can I Become Verified on Instagram?

There are now two methods for becoming verified on Instagram; meeting their criteria or paying Instagram to verify your account.

Below are the criteria for verification:

1. It is essential that you create a public account.

2. Your brand or business must be recognized.

3. It is necessary for you to have a verified phone number.

4. It is essential that you possess a verified email address.

5. It is necessary to include a biography.
6 It is also required that there is a profile picture.

If you meet all of the criteria outlined above, filling out this form is your chance to request verification of your credentials.

Paying for verification was introduced as a new feature in November of 2017. Prices vary based on your country of origin; typically between $300-400 can be expected. You can pay via credit/debit card/ PayPal.

If your account has been verified, a blue badge will be visible next to your username to indicate authenticity and prove who you are.

Verification can help build trust with your audience and open up more opportunities, including partnerships and sponsorships. Verification also gives businesses or brands an edge against their competition by setting them apart.

No matter your decision regarding verification costs, remember that an Instagram following can still be created successfully without paying to get verified. Focus on creating engaging content for your audience and using Instagram to meet your goals.

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