Huawei Postpones Annual Flagship Developer Conference Due to Virus Outbreak in China

Huawei Postpones  Annual Flagship Developer Conference Due to Virus Outbreak in China
HUAWEI Developer Conference 2019

Huawei  announced that it will be delaying its largest annual developer conference, the HDC.Cloud. The reason cited for the postponement is the new virus outbreak in Wuhan which has caused alarm in China.


According to the event website, HDC.Cloud 2020, which was originally planned to be held in Shenzen from 11th to 12th of February 2020, has been postponed to the 27th – 28th of March 2020. The major event is witnessing more than a month of delay but will still be broadcasted via live webcast.


The main reason for the delay is the new virus outbreak which has primarily affected the Wuhan region in China. The Coronavirus is responsible for the outbreak and is known to cause cases of pneumonia in the infected.


Many companies operating in the region have warned their respective employees and citizens residing in the region have been told to exercise caution when moving about in the open. Furthermore, this has even led to face masks being sold out in the Southeast Asian country, which now also suffers from a shortage of the crucial and preventive commodity. Wuhan district is currently under quarantine with 11 million people barred from leaving the region while about 17 people have been confirmed to have perished due to the outbreak.


For those unaware, HDC.Cloud is Huawei Group’s largest annual developer conference, meaning its a flagship event with notable announcements taking place. The Huawei Developer Conference of 2020 is a global event that also sees the presence of foreign developers as well for its Information and Communications field (ICT). The aim of the conference is to build a global platform for communications and has been an annual event for the past 30 years.