Mohafiz App launched For Missing Children In Punjab

Mohafiz App launched For Missing Children In Punjab

The Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB) has teamed up with a mobile phone application developer team to create the “Mohafiz” app, which allows search and information-sharing of cases of underprivileged, homeless children who run away from their homes in Punjab.


Through this app, assistance can be sought from government institutions in case of an emergency and citizens can also report any missing children and accidents. Hundreds of children are present in various centres of the province including the CPWB in Lahore. Finding the families of these estranged children is a major obstacle. In many cities including Lahore, dozens of children go missing on a daily basis, and their parents have a hard time finding them.


In view of this, the mobile phone app “Mohafiz” has emerged to address these issues. The data of all children is shared with the mobile app in partnership with the CPWB. If a child goes missing or is already missing, parents can identify the children in custody of the bureau with the help of this mobile app.


The information will reach all government departments and agencies in real-time. If a child goes missing in any corner of the country, their information will be accessible to app users. The app can also be used to report a child missing in the relevant province. The user simply provides data to the Mohafiz app on a regular basis.


Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry said that this mobile app is very important. “The reason for partnering with a private company is that we do not want to burden government organisations with all the work.”


Private-sector services should be employed in such tasks, which is likely to give a more positive response than a government organisation, he added. “The mobile app can be used on both Android and Apple mobiles.”

via ET