Monal’s Owner Receive ‘Pride of Performance Award’

Monal’s Owner Receive 'Pride of Performance Award'


Monal restaurant Owner , Luqman Ali Afzal has become the first ever entrepreneur in history of Pakistan to receive Pride of Performance Award.


He became the first Pakistani to be awarded a Pride of Performance award for ‘entrepreneurship’.

Instituted in 1958, the President’s Award for Pride of Performance is one of the highest civil awards in Pakistan.


To date, this honour has been awarded to artists, sportspersons and scientists and is almost exclusively kept for arts, sports, literature, and medicine categories.


This year, however, one nominee has been added in the list of recipient’s link for his entrepreneurial services to the country.


In one of his interviews with a private media outlet in 2015, he recalled the times when he used to frequent his university’s administration office to get a telephone extension for the Khoka so he could start free delivery to hostels.


Luqman’s first success story then is transforming a snack bar into an elaborate café with both ready-to-eat and gourmet meals on the menu.