Pakistan and India Nuclear War Threat Remains- NY Times

Pakistan and India Nuclear War Threat Remains- NY Times

According to the New York Times, the tensions between the two countries have lessened after serious engagements of forces at the border, however without any international pressure, a long-term solution is not possible, and the threat of nuclear war sustains.


it is indeed true that Pakistan’s cool stand in response to the Indian aggression has cooled down the tension between the 2 neighbouring nations, however, their nuclear collections mean unimaginable consequences are always possible.


New York Times mentioned in its editorial that the situation could have easily enhanced, however, the Prime Minister of Pakistan in a gesture of peace returned the Indian pilot and called for talks and promised for the inquiry of the bombing.


It further added that the Prime Minister of India—Narendra Modi is waging a difficult re-election campaign in which he has used anti-Pakistan talk for igniting the Hindu nationalism.


he newspaper further wrote that the administrations of Clinton, Bush and Obama have worked aggressively to make sure that India-Pakistan confrontations in 1999, 2002 and 2008 must not get out of control. The Trump government has issued a few statements asking to restraint.


New York Times wrote that its hard to see the role of a mediator for Trump, who has shifted the United States more strongly against Pakistan and toward India where he has looked for business interests.


Quoting United Nations and other groups, it was reported that in the widespread of human rights abuses in the Indian occupied Kashmir simply adds more aggressive elements, adding that its good for both nations to walk back from the edge as they seem to be doing now, and the US is ready to assist if they could not.


The report added that India and Pakistan have entered into dangerous territory, with India engaged in attacking Pakistan in aerial duels, the next confrontation or the one after it could be unthinkable.