Park View City Islamabad vs Capital Smart City Islamabad – which One is Best?

Park View City Islamabad vs Capital Smart City Islamabad - which One is Best?

With the increase in population growing business potential of the capital city Islamabad, the real estate sector has seen a mushroom growth of housing societies.  Most important among these are newly developed sectors of Islamabad under the umbrella of the capital development authority. Similarly, numerous private developers assist in housing societies or real estate developments in Pakistan’s capital city. These two projects are not only conveniently located, but they are also cost-effective to meet the housing demands of middle-class families and investors.

These two real estate projects are also considered competitors of each other in level of development, their investment potential, security of investment, approval rating from investors and other people, salient features in terms of provision of basic amenities of life, and reputation of developing these two mega real estate project in the capital city of Pakistan.

In respect of all these attributes or salient features of both these projects, we can deduce that Capital Smart City Islamabad is still a better option for investment, buying a plot, and building a house for permanent and secure residence. 

Detailed Comparison of Park View City and Capital Smart City Islamabad

A Capital Smart City is an Eco-friendly City:

Concerns about environmental pollution are growing day by day. With the increase in population and housing units, these concerns have become graver. Therefore, many responsible people and authorities are trying to implement acceptable environmental standards. It has become a need for the survival of life on planet earth. 

Therefore, it has induced the concept of an eco-friendly city in its plan. It has adequate tree cover, plantation, and long-term solid and liquid waste disposal. Similarly, it complies with all regulatory standards of environmental protection authorities at the federal level. The Capital Smart city is the best option for investment and secure residence over park view city Islamabad.

Capital Smart City has Dedicated Zones in Various Domains:

In addition to the above discussion, Capital Smart City Islamabad has various dedicated zones to cater to several needs of its residents in affordable and sustainable manners. For instance, it has an education city with space for educational institutions to cater educational needs of people.

Furthermore, it has a health city on its premises to provide affordable and quality healthcare services to its residents and people from outside areas. Moreover, it has dedicated zones for entertainment in the form of cinemas, playgrounds, and indoor games zones to facilitate its residents. Above all, it has a technology zone to house technology parks and incubation centers. Due to these attributes, it is considered the best option than the park view city in Islamabad. 

Capital Smart City Project is the Affordable Project:

Being a member of the middle class, you can purchase property in capital smart city projects. Plots start at 1.8 million dollars, which is a reasonable price for a middle-class household. The price of a plot in Park View City starts at 3.4 million dollars, making it unaffordable for a middle-class household.  As a result, in terms of cost, capital smart city Islamabad is a far better choice than park view city Islamabad.