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PTA Warns People Not to Use WiFi at Public Places,Warns Of Cyber Attacks Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The PTA  advised people not to use public WiFi services, warning of possible cyber attacks through messages pretending to contain Coronavirus  information.


The PTA told people to be wary of text messages claiming to provide information and updates on the COVID-19 . PTA  added that everyone should “refrain from using open WiFi at public locations”.


ISPs  were also cautioned to remain alert of COVID-19-related cyber attacks.The telecom regulatory body said online criminals, including hackers, were attempting to gain financial benefit from the name of the pandemic. Entire systems could be hacked if files attached in suspicious emails were downloaded, it added.


The PTA also cautioned against providing passwords, sensitive and personal data, and credit card information anywhere online. People should update their software applications as well, it added.People should only use trustworthy links and licensed websites for any downloading purposes, the PTA noted.


If anyone wished to apprise themselves of updates on the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, they should use information sources announced by the government.


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