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Samsung  Planning To Develop 600MP Camera Sensor

Samsung has made huge progress in terms of smartphone camera sensors. The company was among the first to launch a 64-megapixel camera sensor and the first one to launch 108-megapixel image sensor.


But it seems that the company hasn’t stopped yet in terms of megapixel count for the smartphone cameras. Samsung has today revealed in an article that it is now planning to develop camera sensors with 600-megapixel resolution.


To put that in perspective, Yongin Park, Executive Vice President and Head of Sensor Business Team, System LSI Business says that human eyes can match up to 500-megapixel resolution.


However, with 48-megapixel and 12-megapixel sensors still being standard, it seems like a long journey for the 600-megapixel camera sensor to materialise. To make this happen, the South Korean giant also needs to develop new technologies.


The company has been advancing the pixel binning technology. The 64MP sensors from Samsung use 2×2 pixel binning while the 108MP sensors use 3×3 pixel binning to increase light absorption and mitigate issues related to low-light conditions.


Samsung’s ambitions for the future camera sensors is not limited to 600MP resolution. The Systems LSI Business division of Samsung, which deals with image sensors, is also looking to make sensors that can register smells and tastes.


Apart from supplying image sensors for smartphones, the company is also reportedly planning to provide camera sensors for other use cases, including autonomous vehicles (AVs), drones, and other IoT (Internet of Things) devices.


Currently, 108MP camera sensor remains the highest for smartphones but that is about to change soon. Samsung is working on a 150MP sensor using Nonacell technology and is expected to be available from Q4 2020.



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