These are the BEST and CHEAP Smartphones in 2023

we can say that over the last couple of months, the smartphone market has been completely turned upside down because companies have released many models and now, we need to figure out again which are the BEST and CHEAP Smartphones in 2023

Which ones should be bought and which ones should not be bought in any case? after all, not all of them turned out to be suitable.

after reading this article to the end, you will be able to choose a really good smartphone for yourself.

 Samsung Galaxy M14 – Cheap and Good Phone

Samsung company, in general, make good smartphones but they rarely produce state-of-the-art smartphones. but still, from time to time they may make a good device like the Galaxy M04 which is inexpensive and also offers good hardware.

first of all, this smartphone will please you with its specs, It has a 6,000mAh (Typical) Battery installed, and with such a battery, it can withstand about 11 hours of active display. 

it turns out that even if you are an active user, this smartphone should last you even for 2 days. this smartphone also supports charger of a 25W.

Well, on top of everything, the processor used in the Galaxy M14 is also not the worst, namely Exynos 1330. 

You can say that in essence, this is a budget shield, but the performance here will be enough for you for most tasks, including games. this smartphone has a fast display with FHD+ technology and a 90Hz refresh rate. With such a refresh rate you will get a smooth experience.

The Camera that Galaxy M14 comes with is also not the worst camera. 

Especially considering its price, there is, decent colour rendering detail, and even the videos turn out quite good, but still with poor lighting, the quality drop is noticeable. it’s hard to call the camera excellent, but it works. On top of that, there’s also NFC and support for memory cards, Now this smartphone is being sold for about $200 on average, and you know what I can say, I can say that it fully justifies such price. the Galaxy M14 has occupied a very profitable niche where alternatives are not enough.

OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite5G

OnePlus Nord CE 3 looks even more interesting than many Xiaomi smartphones. They installed an IPS display with support for a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a peak brightness of 680. We can say that it’s certainly nothing special, but overall, the socket is of high quality.

Well, it’s clear that for that kind of money, Xiaomi, for example, would put this smartphone with an AMOLED display of 120 Hz, but PnePlus acted more smartly by saving on the display. They were able to put a good Snapdragon 695 processor in the phone is not a very fresh processor, but it has proven itself very well because not only does it produce a decent performance, but it also consumes battery power sparingly.

this smartphone will work quickly, stably and for a long time, It is powered by a 5,000 mAh battery and a full charge will easily last you even for a couple of days of use. this smartphone also supports charging at 67 watts, thanks to which it will be fully charged in less than an hour.

And with all this, looks like it turned out to have an even better and a good camera that is enough to take pictures, This smartphone scores almost 3000 Geekbench points and even allows you to play Genshin Impact with good graphics and at the same time a high frame rate. So if you were looking for a smartphone that will be powerful but at the same time inexpensive, then this is an excellent option.

POCO X5 Pro 5G

In addition to everything, the X5 Pro comes also with a high-quality AMOLED display and it not only supports a high refresh rate of 120 Hz but also HDR 10 Plus and a maximum brightness of 900. This display will allow you to use your smartphone even under the bright sun, it ensures smooth operation of the interface due to 120 Hz. I also want to praise the camera; it produces photos with beautiful colour rendition and excellent detail.

you can also shoot video in 4K and at the same time with good motion and shake stabilization. Well, it’s hard to say that the X5 Pro will completely replace the flagship, but its power and capabilities are enough for most users. it also doesn’t directly try to kill all flagships, but still, thanks to its features, I think it made many people think.

Realme 11 Pro Plus – Cheap and Best Smartphone

This Phone made many people think Why buy smartphones for $1,000 at all? So why buy yourself an expensive phone? Well, I don’t know, maybe for the sake of a cool display but there’s already a high-quality 10-bit AMOLED that boasts a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Realme 11 Pro Plus has a camera of 200 megapixels. I understand perfectly that megapixels are, of course, not the most important thing, but in the case of Realme, this is not a marketing gimmick at all because Unity Plus allows you to take photos with double zoom without any loss of quality and 4x but with a minimum loss of quality, it crops directly with a matrix like the iPhone 14 Pro. as a result, the camera will be able to capture a lot of details, Even with digital Zoom. in the end, it turns out that the weak point of the smartphone is the processor because in order not to skyrocket the price tag to the skies, the realm had to put Dimensity 7050 which makes the performance normal.

If you still don’t know about a powerful smartphone which must be inexpensive, our quest will lead us to the Motorola company. We can say that the Motorola Edge 40 is a flagship killer. Edge 40 runs on Dimensity 820 which is a flagship processor, but it shows very good performance in benchmarks. Similarly, in games performance is also very impressive. It behaves excellently under long and heavy loads, in the throttling test, it consumed only 17% battery per hour.

This smartphone has a display with a refresh rate of 144 Hz, and for someone like me, it’s a bit overkill, because 120 Hz would be enough. let’s not forget the maximum brightness of this screen here which is also more than a thousand nits and that’s what I think is most important. The size of the display is only 6 ‘55 inches. we can say that the smartphone itself is also relatively compact.

Google Pixel 7a – Best Phone

Pixel 7A Falls in the flagship category. But for its price, this smartphone turned out to be not so unique, but it looks much more profitable than many of these expensive flagships. firstly, let’s be honest, this smartphone received a real flagship process, thanks to which this smartphone can easily cope with the most complex tasks. Well, In addition, Google has also placed a lot of emphasis on the performance of artificial intelligence. for example, algorithms can make blurring photos more strain clear, extend battery life and even translate voice notes into text.

With the Pixel 7A, you will get one of the best cameras in the industry. Even though the smartphone is much cheaper than the iPhone 14, it does not lag in terms of photos at all. iPhones are better in terms of video recording at a very overpaying cost. let’s not forget that the Pixel 7A also has a better display than the iPhone 14. There are also important things such as wireless charging, NFC, moisture protection and also a very good vibrator.

Which smartphone did you like the most from our selection today? Write in the Comments.