United States (US) Reduced Visa Duration For Pakistani Citizens

United States (US) reduced visa Duration for Pakistani citizens


The duration of US visa for Pakistani nationals has been reduced from five years to 12 months.Journalists and media persons will not be allowed to stay for over three months without renewing their travel permit,


An additional fee of $32 will be charged for I visas (Journalists and Media visa), and $38 for all other visa categories must be paid at the Embassy Islamabad or Consulate General Karachi from January 21, it further states.


The decision was taken by the State Department “because Pakistan was unable to liberalise its visa regime for certain visa categories, [hence] the United States was required by US law on January 21 to reduce the visa validity and increase the visa fees to match Pakistan’s practices for similar visa categories.”


The US Embassy did not specify anything about the B1 and B2 visas, which will continue to remain valid for five years