Visually impaired Pakistani Student has won Oxford University scholarship

Visually impaired Pakistani Student has won Oxford University scholarship

A Pakistani student Khansa Maria with visual impairment has earned pride for the country as she has won Rhodes Trust Scholarship 2021 to pursue a master’s degree at Oxford University next fall.

Hailing from Lahore, Khansa Maria is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service at Georgetown University

Khansa, who also works at the US Embassy in Qatar, advocates for the rights of people with disabilities besides designing accessible communities in an effort to ensure exclusivity.

To this end, the only recipient of the Rhodes scholarship has organized and has spoken at various conferences on inclusion and inclusive policy.

In her sophomore year she was a recipient of a Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) Grant which enabled her to investigate the barriers impacting the inclusion of people with disabilities in the Qatari workforce, the Rhodes Trust states on its website.

Her Honors thesis focuses on the evolution of disability rights movement in postcolonial South Asia and how it has shaped representations of people with disabilities.

On campus, Khansa leads various clubs including the Georgetown Debating Union and the South Asian Society.

At Oxford, Khansa hopes to further her studies in public policy and social intervention. Khansa hopes to work on inclusive policy making and capacity building for the disability community in Pakistan.