Voice OF Samsung -Samsung Family Hub™ to stretch your time

Live your life to the fullest by exposing yourself to more experiences – and reduce your stress levels – to “slow” time down, You’ve probably noticed this mind-boggling phenomenon: time seems to pass more quickly as we grow from youth to adulthood.

While the speed at which time passes obviously doesn’t change, studies have shown that it is our perception of the passage of time that does. As a child, you encounter countless new experiences, which require more processing for the brain. But as things become more routine for you as an adult, there is familiarity with your environment and activities, so they are not as stimulating to the brain as before, making time appear to run more quickly than in childhood.it would appear that working under pressure also gives the perception that time is passing faster.

What’s interesting is that Samsung’s new smart refrigerator can potentially help you do just that! 5 ways to get more time out of your day with the Samsung Family Hub.

That’s because the Samsung Family Hub™ is not your garden variety refrigerator. It is one ingenious appliance that can entertain, communicate and assist you – thanks to an integrated 21.5-inch touchscreen, Harman Kardon AKG speaker and Bixby, Samsung’s voice-powered virtual assistant.

It is with these technological innovations that the Family Hub can help you get things done faster, with less effort and allow you to experience more of what life has to offer

1.Ask Bixby to read out the morning brief.

It can read you the weather forecast, remind you about what’s coming up on your family’s calendar, as well as tell you what food is left in your fridge — all while you prepare breakfast and get the kids ready for school. With Bixby, voice commands are all you need to go to apps and navigate them. How’s that for different experiences?

2. Get some workout in as you play your morning jam from Spotify via the fridge.

You can listen to your playlist through Spotify or tune in to your favourite local radio station via the TuneIn app, and enjoy the premium sound quality of the fridge’s AKG speakers. So go ahead and get things done in the kitchen — except now you can work in some daily exercise as well!

3. Keep your kids in close proximity while you prepare dinner.

Kids will be kids. Getting them to do stay in one spot is improbable. With the new Samsung Family Hub™  fridge, you might be able to increase your chances of keeping them close to you.

Select their favourite edutainment programme on the Family Hub’s web browser and they can watch it while you cook. Not only do you have peace of mind having them in the kitchen with you, they won’t be getting in the way of your getting things done either. Win-win.

4. No need to panic if you forget to add something to your shopping list — the app syncs across devices.

You can add items to your shopping list app and have it sync to your partner’s smartphone. So if you forgot to add a crucial ingredient for tonight’s dinner onto the list, no worries — simply add it in at home and it will appear on the device of the person out shopping. No more last-minute rushes to the supermarket!


5. Use Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem for increased efficiency.

Samsung SmartThings allow monitoring of home activities even while you’re busy in the kitchen, or simply having a cuppa at the kitchen counter.

When hooked up to your Arlo* camera (sold separately), you can check on your sleeping baby from your fridge. SmartThings can also connect with other Samsung smart appliances such the robot vacuum cleaner, washing machine and Wi-Fi enabled air-conditioner#. And if the family’s snack monster tries to grab another bar of chocolate from the fridge, you will know too, as the three in-built cameras will most certainly capture the missing chocolate.

Similarly, with the Ring Doorbell*, you can see who’s at the front door and communicate with them while preparing a meal.


*Arlo Camera and Ring Doorbell are sold separately.

# Subject to device compatibility.

Family Hub™ features require an internet connection and the Family Hub™ app. Family Hub™ app is compatible with Android 4.4 and later or iOS 9.1 and later. Apps and services are subject to change without notice. Data usage fees may apply.