Best Samsung Apps: 6 Apps You Shouldn’t Miss

These are the 6 Best Samsung Apps you can download on your Samsung, and I assure you that you will love them.

By the way, all apps are entirely free. Although there are in-app purchases in some apps, at least to try them, you will not have to spend a single penny.

Sound Assistant

the Sound assistant app is Samsung’s own, and we will have to download it from the Galaxy Store, which is the Samsung app store that is already installed on your phone.

This app will allow us to configure all the audio aspects of our Samsung in a much more advanced way, and we will highlight four options here.

configure the volume panel

with the help of this app, we will be able to configure the volume panel uniquely. We can change the shape and the colour to customize it to our liking and turn it into a unique design.

Per-app notification

the second thing is that we can choose the volume of each notification by app, which is helpful if you have many apps that send you notifications. You want to give priority to some with respect to others. For example, if you wish to WhatsApp to sound at 100%, but another app you don’t care about, you can set its sound at 10 or 15%.

Configure voice distorter

 we can configure a voice distorter in each app that uses the microphone

with this feature, we can send voice notes on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Telegram in a much funnier way by changing our voice to that of a little girl or a monster among a lot of options.

Fingerprint Live Animation

I have been using this app for over two months called Fingerprint Animation. It allows us to configure different animations for the fingerprint reader of our Samsung.

Samsung indeed allows us to configure and customize Practically everything, and if we download Samsung apps, the levels are almost unimaginable, but not for the fingerprint reader. There is absolutely nothing, and after searching for a long time, This is the best app I have found. We can download it from the Google Play Store, and it is free and takes up very little space, and I love it because we have a variety of incredible options to have a Fully personalized fingerprint reader.

Always On: Edge Music Lighting

is also free, and we can download it from the Google Play Store. I have loved this app for two specific things:

The first is for customizing the Always On display of your Samsung. Samsung itself lets you configure many styles of Always On display, and with the excellent lock app, we have more than enough, but this app adds some incredible designs. You can configure between many Always On display spheres, but I also liked configuring Edge lights so that they feel like coming out around the screen when we receive a notification when a song is playing. it has a lot of different designs. We can also change the height, thickness, and speed.

Media Bar

You will love this app if you are one of those people who likes to listen to music, podcast, or watch many videos. It is also free; we can download it from the Google Play Store. It takes up very little space, and I love it because now, when we are listening to a song, a podcast, or watching a video, we will get a Bar notification for the length of that audio, video, or podcast. We can slide on that Bar to go forward, back, pause, etc.

This app is incredible Because it allows you to configure it. We can put the Bar on the top or bottom and change the color to have the desired design. We can even make it transparent so that it is immersed directly with the app we are using, and it does not seem that it is there, but simply when we press and slide, it will do the same function. I think it’s great to have an app like this for free.

LiveLoop Live Wallpapers 4K HD

It’s another free app. We can download it from the Google Play Store, which takes up very little space.

What is this app for? Well, it will allow us to Download unique wallpapers, and on top of that, they are animated wallpapers, and I love it because they have a lot of varieties. You will be able to have wallpapers of landscapes both day and night, from animals to cities, from anime to fictional characters to superheroes. We have an infinite number of incredible options, and obviously, what is most striking is that they are animated wallpapers that We can configure.

You can put them on both your Samsung’s lock screen and home screen, giving it a special touch. The app works through tokens obtained by watching ads, although they are ads that do not bother me too much. There is a paid option where we can remove the ads, But I think for free, we can have a lot of options to take our Samsung to extreme customization.

Galaxy Enhance-X

This app is still in Beta mode, although you can already use it with many options you would not even imagine. First, we must Download it from the Galaxy Store, which is entirely free.

With this app, We can do many things, But mainly, it allows us to put HDR on photos that did not have HDR. We can also see a before and after to notice how much HDR we want to use.

With the help of this app, we will be able to sharpen photos that come out blurry and make them look perfect. This is a feature that until now was exclusive to Google phones, but now we are going to be able to have it in our Samsung, and it is of great help when you have taken a photo of a person or a landscape that comes out a bit out of focus.

These are the five apps that I have been using in my day-to-day for a while, and I think that you will love some of them.